Cut and Run
Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie
with the Missing Pieces

Danny Carnahan: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, octave mandolin, fiddle
Robin Petrie: vocals, hammered dulcimer, accordion
Pat Klobas: double bass
Mark Brandt: drums

plus guests:

Richard Thompson: electric guitar on tracks 2, 3, and 8
Henry Kaiser: National Steel slide and electric guitar on track 3
Mike Marshall: mandolin and guitar on track 5
Sulyman Feldthouse: kanun, saz, zurna, and ney on tracks 7 and 9
Martin Simpson: acoustic slide guitar on track 9
Laurie Lewis: fiddle on track 11
Tom Rozum: mandolin on track 11

Till the Stars Come Down
(Danny Carnahan)

Cut and Run
(Danny Carnahan)

Girls in Black
(Danny Carnahan)

Lunatic Love
(Danny Carnahan)

You Got it All Wrong Janine
(Danny Carnahan)

Penny For the Guy
(Danny Carnahan)

Begging Bowl
(Danny Carnahan)

Laughing In the Dark
(music by Danny Carnahan/lyrics by Robert Hunter)

Spoils of War
(Danny Carnahan)

The Mango Song
(Danny Carnahan)

It’s Early Yet
(Danny Carnahan)

Produced by Danny Carnahan.
Engineered by John Altmann at Live Oak Studios, Berkeley, and SacTrax, Sacramento (except for one session engineered by Louie Demetri at Record Two, Mendocino).
Valuable engineering assistance by Al Eaton, Steve Savage, and Philo Haywood.
Arrangements by Danny & Robin & the Missing Pieces.
Rhythm section arrangements by Pat Klobas and Mark Brandt.
Photography by Paul Schraub.
Particular thanks to Priscilla Gardiner, Al Eaton, Steve Savage, George Massenberg, Collette Altmann, David Gans, David Suff, Danny Ransom, Robert Hunter, and Henry Kaiser. Hat tips to Nic Jones and Jim Sutherland for the licks we copped.
Richard appears courtesy of Capitol Records.
Henry appears courtesy of Flipper.
Mike appears courtesy of Windham Hill Records.
Martin appears courtesy of Shanachie Records.
Laurie & Tom appear courtesy of Rounder Records.
Copyright © 1994 Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie.

Originally released in the UK on Hokey Pokey Records (1994)

Still available in the US on Red House Records (Red House RHR CD 73)

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