New Leaves on an Old Tree/Borderlands

Re-released in 1995 on CD as Gargoyle Records 70103. “The Tipsy Sailor’s Farewell to Ireland” was cut in order to cram both LPs onto one CD and has become the stuff of legend.

Chris Caswell & Danny Carnahan
“Contemporary Celtic Music In Two Point Perspective”

with guests:
Kate Wolf
Sylvia Woods
Michael Gravina

Music is magic. Like the trickster’s toy that exists only while his hands move, its edges feather into the physical world. We grew up in the shadow of the last hills before the western sea, learning our sleight of hand from magicians 6000 miles away. In summer, mist clung to the tops of the hills. There in the redwoods the voices of the waves echoed clearly. We’ve heard that the old folk of the islands in the North Sea understood the words in the changing tide as their Gaelic was a memory of the sea’s own tongue. Their harpers and pipers and fiddlers and singers knew the waves as well, sometimes sleeping by a stream to listen for tunes. We wonder what they would have heard beneath these ancient trees along this endless coast. Here is some of what we’ve heard. We dedicate it to all those fiercely gentle poets, then and now, glancing often to the west and the open sea, listening. (Chris Caswell, 1981)


Rathdrum Fair
(Mick Fitzgerald)
Danny: guitar, fiddle, viola & vocal; Chris: alto & tenor recorders

The Galbally Farmer/The Blarney Pilgrim
(trad. arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Danny: octave mandolin, fiddle & vocal; Chris: flute, whistle & bodhran; Michael Gravina: uilleann pipes

The Girl I Left Behind/The Girl Who Broke My Heart
(trad. arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Chris: ancient Celtic harp & vocal; Danny: fiddle, cello & vocal harmoniy; Sylvia Woods: neo-Celtic harp

Robin Hood and the Pedlar
(trad. arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Chris: bodhran & vocal; Danny: octave mandolin, fiddle & vocal

The Whistling Thief/Pigeon On the Gate/Tatter Jack Walsh
(trad. arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Danny: guitar, fiddle & vocal; Chris: whistle, flute & bodhran

Madam I’m a Darlin’
(trad. arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Danny: guitar & vocal; Chris: ancient Celtic harp & vocal harmony

Breton Air
(Mick Fitzgerald)
Danny: guitar & vocal; Chris: flute

The False Lover Won Back
(trad. lyrics with new music by Caswell Carnahan)
Chris: vocal; Danny: guitar & vocal harmony; Kate Wolf: vocal harmony

Black Jack Davy/The Jug of Punch/The Shepherd’s Crook/Tiree Hallowes
(first three trad., fourth by Chris Caswell, all arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Danny: octave mandolin, fiddle & vocal; Chris: concertina, Highland pipes, bodhran, Highland drum & vocal harmony

The Peeler and the Goat/The Piper of Drummond
(trad. lyrics with music by Caswell Carnahan/trad., both arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Danny: octave mandolin, vocal; Chris: Highland pipes, bodhran

The Blackbird/John Allen’s Pipes/Miss Jean Campbell
(trad./Caswell/Caswell, all arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Chris: flute, whistle; Danny: fiddle, octave mandolin

West Country Girl/Wild Swans
(both by Chris Caswell, arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Chris: Celtic harp, whistles, vocal; Danny: cello

Brightened in the Morning/Paddy Fahey’s Reel
(Mick Fitzgerald/trad., both arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Danny: guitar, fiddle, vocal; Chris: recorder, concertina, bodhran

Bonnie Leslie
(lyrics Robert Burns, music Danny Carnahan, arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Danny: guitar, cello, vocal; Chris: concertina, vocal harmony

Easy & Slow/Planxty Pegeen
(trad./Chris Caswell, both arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Danny: guitar, piano, vocal; Chris: Celtic harp, flute, vocal harmony

The Grey Cairn/The Farmer’s Curst Wife/The Devil to Pay
(Caswell Carnahan/trad./Caswell Carnahan, arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Chris: whistle, recorders, pipe chanter, Celtic harp, bodhran, vocal; Danny: guitar, octave mandolin, fiddle, vocal

The Borderlands
(Danny Carnahan, arr. Caswell Carnahan)
Danny: guitar, octave mandolin, vocal; Chris: Celtic harp, whistle, flute, vocal chorus

New Leaves Produced by Robert Force.
Engineered by Steve O’Hara.
Recorded & mixed at John Altmann Recording, San Francisco.
Chris’ harps by Caswell Harps, Guerneville, California.
Danny’s guitars by Ove Veggerby, Mill Valley, California.
Photography by Dwight Caswell.
Album design by Caswell Carnahan.
Copyright © 1981 Caswell Carnahan.
All titles BMI.
Originally released on LP as Kicking Mule Records KM 313 (1981).

Borderlands Produced by Robert Force.
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Sandy Stone.
A Stoneforce Production.
Recorded and mixed at John Altmann Recording, San Francisco.
Mastered at Artisan Recording, Burbank.
Album design and illustration by Danny Carnahan.
Photography by Steve Conway.
Chris’ harp by Caswell Harps, Sonoma County, California.
Executive production by Kevin Lewis.
Continuity by Peggy DeMouthe.
Copyright © 1982 Caswell Carnahan
All titles BMI.
Originally released on LP as Kicking Mule Records KM 316 (1982).

Chris Caswell is still active as a performer, teacher, and harp-builder. Click here to connect with him.


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