Fortune Turn the Wheel cover


by Danny Carnahan

The Third Sweeney & Rose Mystery

Published April 2014

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Hosting a graduate literature retreat in the remote Mendocino Woodlands is San Francisco professor Rose Sweeney's idea of heaven. But Rose's dream job quickly spins into a nightmare when her mentor and ex-lover crashes the event, then dies a horrible, inexplicable death at the music camp next door where her husband Niall Sweeney is teaching. Deadly rumors scatter the campers, graduate students, and musicians while lumber company lawyers descend on the Woodlands to evict both camp and retreat and begin clear-cutting the redwoods. But who would rig the unlikeliest possible weapon to kill an apparent stranger? And who would plant evidence pointing to Rose as the murderer?  Rose and her Irish fiddler husband scramble to discover the truth as Rose dodges the police and Sweeney’s musical world rapidly crumbles.  Searching separately in their worlds of myth and music, Rose and Sweeney converge on an astonishing secret that reveals a most subtle murderer.  But with two lives in the balance and no evidence, they must set a trap for the killer in a last, deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

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