Continental Drift

Robin Petrie: hammered dulcimer
Danny Carnahan: octave mandolin, guitar, violin

(Petrie & Carnahan)

Indian Summer
(Petrie & Carnahan)

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
(Petrie & Carnahan)

Black Point Dream
(Petrie & Carnahan)

Branle Gai/Valse des Petites Jeunes Filles
(trad. French)

Gilderoy/Coilsfield House
(trad. Scottish)

(D. Daracco/trad. French)

The Roses Grown
(Danny Carnahan)

Danse Anonyme/Danse Bulgare/Branle des Chevaux
(trad French)

All titles arranged by Robin Petrie & Danny Carnahan.
Produced by Robin Petrie & Danny Carnahan.
Engineered by John Altmann at Dave Wellhausen Studios, San Francisco.
Mixed by John Altmann & Danny Carnahan.
Photography by Irene Young.
Graphics by Danny Carnahan.
Copyright © 1987 Robin Petrie & Danny Carnahan.
Originally released on LP/cassette as Flying Fish Records FF442 (1987)