Wake the Dead


  • Maureen Brennan: Celtic harp
  • Cindy Browne: acoustic bass
  • Danny Carnahan: vocals, guitar, octave mandolin, fiddle
  • Kevin Carr: uilleann pipes, whistle, fiddle
  • Sylvia Herold: vocals
  • Paul Kotapish: mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, National Steel guitar
  • Joe Craven: hand and mouth percussion

Banks of Lough Gowna (trad. Irish jig)
The Reunion (jig by Russ Barenberg)
Friend of the Devil (Garcia/Dawson/Hunter)

My Marianne (trad. Irish reel)
The Wheel (Garcia/Hunter/Kreutzmann)

Christmas Eve (trad. Irish reel)
China Cat Sunflower (Garcia/Hunter)
Bank of Ireland (trad. Irish reel)
The Bear (trad. Irish reel)
Bertha (Garcia/Hunter)
Cliffs of Mostar (unreel by Carnahan/Kotapish based on trad. Irish reel)

Lord Inchiquin (Turlough O’Carolan/trad. Irish harp air)
Sugaree (Garcia/Hunter)

Coleman’s Cross (trad. Irish reel)
Bird Song (Garcia/Hunter)

Brigid Cruise (Turlough O’Carolan/trad. Irish harp air)
Black Muddy River (Garcia/Hunter)

Touch of Grey (Garcia/Hunter)
Jack the Lad (trad. Irish reel)
Boys of Malin (trad. Irish reel)
Trip to Windsor (Cape Breton reel by Dan R. McDonald)

Row Jimmy (Garcia/Hunter)

Maureen Brennan played a nylon-strung harp made in Minnesota by Pat O’Loughlin. 
Cindy Browne played an Anton Dietl bass from the 1920s.
Danny Carnahan played a 1978 octave mandolin made by Andrew Manson, a 1986 Stefan Sobell archtop guitar, and an old German fiddle with a counterfeit French label.
Kevin Carr played a set of uilleann pipes made by Andreas Rogge, a Copeland whistle, and a 19th century American fiddle.
Paul Kotapish played a custom Nugget mandolin made by Mike Kemnitzer, a bouzouki made by Rich Westerman, Danny’s Stefan Sobell archtop guitar, and the National Steel guitar left in the studio by the engineer’s brother.

Produced by Danny Carnahan and Paul Kotapish
Engineered by Derek Bianchi at Muscletone Studios, Berkeley, CA
Mixed by Danny Carnahan and Derek Bianchi
Mastered by Paul Stubblebine, San Francisco
Cover art by Tina Carpenter
Project coordination by David Gross
Package design by Richard Leeds
Photography by Jay Blakesberg

Visit www.wakethedead.org for more information on the band and links to band members’ other recordings and creative projects.

Released October 2000 on Grateful Dead Records (GDCD 4074). Copyright © 2000 Grateful Dead Records.