(from “Journeys of the Heart”)

Welcome in my thirsty fellows
Hang your hats inside the door
If we’re only packed to bursting
Then there’s surely room for more
We’ll deny the cold of winter
We’ll have only song and cheer
As we gather here together
In the threshold of the year

And here’s a dram to warm the piper
Here’s a dram to warm the hall
Here’s a dram to raise the rafters
And here’s long life to you all

Here we tied the know as lovers
Here we raised the toast as friend
Here we pass along from hand to hand
In a dance that never ends
We’ll forget about tomorrow
We’re protected from it here
As we drink our fill together
From the tankard of the year


Crack the seal off of the bottle
Light the fire beneath the still
Let it soak us to the elbows
As we medicate our ills
Sure the whisky is forgiving
It will wash the conscience clear
As we all sink back together
In the cradle of the year


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