(from “No Regrets”)

You had that look on your face this morning
Don’t try to figure, don’t talk, don’t touch
Why can’t I have just a hint of warning
What do I ask that I ask so much

Oh, what do you mean when you say you love me
Do these feelings even have a name
Why do I jump when you say, ‘Come crawlin’
To lose another round in your guessing game

High time
Time I won back a fighting chance
High time
To drop out of the old game now
High time
Out the door without a backward glance
High time
To drop out of the old game now
To drop out of the old game now

Take it off slow when you know I’m looking
Make my mouth water when you ring your bell
Keep me on pins and keep me on needles
Just keep me guessing like you do so well

Oh, will you burn like a human torch
Will your eyes glaze over like you’re just not there
How many times can I run to your arms
And just grab a handful of empty air

High time…

Do you listen for the cries of my foolish heart
Can’t stop the pounding in my ears
Splinters of our love as we’re pulled apart

So what’s your next move, will you touch my cheek
Or swing your hammer and smash me to bits
Is it more lover’s hide-and-seek
With no time out to collect my wits
Day after day I’m more uneasy
Never know whether you’ll laugh or cry
Day after day you’r changing the rules
I’m tired of losing when I don’t know why

High time…

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