(from “Cut and Run”)

We used to walk out late at might
Pick a star to wish upon
You never told me what you wished
You never pointed out which one
You picked to make
You picked to make your wish on

I picked a new star every night
But the wish was just the same
I wish I may, I wish I might
I don’t want money, don’t want fame
I only want you here
Only want you here beside me

Till the stars come down
Till the stars come down

Maybe it was yesterday
Maybe was the day before
I thought I heard a whisper say
You didn’t love me anymore
And there was nothing I could do
Nothing I could do about it

You woke me when you slipped away
To shoot the stars out one by one
And you were such a clever shot
The sky was clear when you were done
And not a one was left
Not a one was left to wish on

And the stars came down
The stars came down

Find them before they melt in the dark
Hang them back up with twine and glue
It’s more than a wish, it’s my soul and my heart
I’m damned if it won’t come true

So I mixed the constellations round
Tired of the archer and the bull
We’ll name the new ones one by one
The Queen of Hearts or The Taffy Pull
And here you are again
Here you are again beside me

Till the stars come down
Till the stars come down

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