(from “Cut and Run”)

I don’t suppose when you left me for dead
You noticed my heart was still beating
You made quite an exit, just hand me my head
And walk out the door
I fould myself wishing you’d turn and come back
But frankly the moment was fleeting
Ten minutes to cry and I realized I
Wouldn’t take any more
No more of the hurt and the casual lie
Of wanting to hold you and wanting to die
Of begging for love and then wondering why
I put up with the damage you’d done
Only way out, cut and run

I try to remember, I try to recall
The taste and the smell and the passion
But I grope around blind in an alien mind
With the senses all wrong
I was never quite sure why you kept me on call
Was it all just for spite or for fashion
Not one promise was true and I hadn’t a clue
And you knew all along
But I won’t let you tell me what feelings to feel
Keep me up nights with the scars that won’t heal
Make me cut the cards while you shuffle and deal
Then strip at the point of a gun
Only way out, cut and run

It’s the last time you’ll drive me
The last time you’ll drive me
Drive me down like a nail
Till I’m begging you please
It’s the last time you’ll drive me
The last time you’ll drive
Drive me out of my mind
I’m taking the keys
Taking the keys
Taking the keys

I’m not like the girls you discarded before
As love affairs turn to disaster
I won’t die in my bed as you tear me to shreds
Just as calm as can be
Oh, you schooled me well in the tactics of war
You had me outgunned but I’m faster
I’m onto your game, you need someone to blame
And it sure won’t be me
You can’t make me live every moment afraid
Or march off in chains in your private parade
It’s time to let all of the memories fade
And start the new life I’ve begun
New life I’ve begun
Only way out, cut and run

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