The moon’s five times its normal size
Shines so bright it makes me blink
And it still came up as advertised
‘Fore takin’ a dive down in the drink
And it gives your face a rosy glow
As you cock your pretty head at me
Let’s climb up to the mountain top
And see how crazy we can be
Nobody else, just you and me
   And you can bring the picnic—And I can bring the ants
   And our eyes’ll shine with a light of their own
   When the stars come out to dance

If we meet the devil don’t be surprised
Well, he pops up at the strangest times
If he suggests a game of cards
He’s not content to play for dimes
He really thinks he’s got you licked
Bet your life, he’ll take a check
But we can gang up on the boy
Tap him there on the back of the neck
Make him turn, I’ll stack the deck
   So bring some extra aces—I’ll stash ‘em in my pants
   And we’ll skip with the devil’s jackpot
   When the stars come out to dance

I feel this sudden déjà vu
I wonder if you do as well
Have we been round this way before?
The devil knows but he won’t tell
And what to do with all that dough?
Let’s blow it on a one-night spree
We’ll let the devil run the show
Hire a band and maitre d’
Throw the moonlight in for free
   So flip a coin and call it—Is it madness or romance?
   Maybe makes no difference
   When the stars come out to dance

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