Thought I learned that true love would always throw me
Catch a glimpse—feel my heart break now and then
Now here’s you—and honey, you don’t even know me
Ah, but here I go again

In your eyes there’s the faintest hint of laughter
Hanging there like the chorus of a song
And the words—I could swear I’ve heard them somewhere
Or I’ve known them all along

    Free a single word and let it fly
    Fly my way—fly my way
    Cast your glance across me like the sky
    Fly my way—fly my way
    And mere gravity can’t hold me down today

I could float if you moved in my direction
I could soar if you motioned me to stay
I could plunge to my death without redemption
If you turned and walked away

Could you freeze while I wrestle with this feeling
Could you shine half as bright as you appear
Can you see how I bump against the ceiling
How I hover when you’re near

    Free a single word and let it fly…

If I were a bird I might wing it to you
If I were a bell I might ring it to you
Here inside my shell there’s not a thing that I can do—
—but stand mute in fascination
Hoping you finally notice I’m around
I’m the one with that look of adoration
Floating slightly off the ground

    Free a single word and let it fly…

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