(from “No Regrets”)

What has become of the sweet young thing
There’s a boy on her arm with a rose and ring
She bats her eyes, he feels the sting
Right down his spine
And what’s this love she can make him feel
That’s so divine, that’s so unreal
He’d hang on a cross or die on a wheel
Of his own design

Oh but he wants her oh so much
He can dream all day but he just can’t touch
He’d blow his cool for a one-night fling
The boy’s a fool for the sweet young thing

She’s a natural touch tearing boys apart
Thinks it’s easy, thinks it’s smart
Reach on down and grab his heart
And watch him dance
Watch while she cuts him down to size
With her little red lips, little white lies
Didn’t know what hit him, some surprise
Didn’t have a chance

Keep him dizzy, set the world to spin
Can’t feel the hook as she reels him in
He’s just a watch with a broken spring
He’ll make no time with the sweet young thing

Finally found the nerve to say
He wants it now, today’s the day
He goes for a kiss, she’s up and away
With another guy
What goes through the poor fool’s brain
His heart just reels, he feels such pain
There goes his world right down the drain
As she walks on by

But what can he do but shake and shive
Run on down and drown in the river
Or throw the dice and hope angels sing
But she’s cold as ice, is the sweet young thing

Sweet young thing
Sweet young thing
Sweet young thing
Cold as ice is the sweet young thing

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