No Regrets

Danny Carnahan: vocals, guitar, octave mandolin, sneaky fiddle
Robin Petrie: vocals, free-style hammered dulcimer

and the Missing Pieces:
Pat Klobas: real hot bass
Mark Brandt: real cool drums
John Altmann: studio magic

High Time
(Danny Carnahan)

Farewell to the Gold
(Paul Metsers/Topic Records Publishing)

(Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia/Ice Nine Publishing)

All Our Trades Have Gone
(Mick Fitzgerald/Hup-Jack Music)

The Rose You Wore For Me
(Danny Carnahan)

Caraveliño Colorado
(trad. Galician)

Sweet Young Thing
(Danny Carnahan)

Dimming of the Day
(Richard Thompson/Island Music)

The Drinking Man
(Danny Carnahan)

The Shores of Old Blighty
(Graham Miles)

Produced by Danny Carnahan.
Engineerd by John Altmann.
Recorded June 3-5, 1989 at Joe Hoffman Studios, Occidental, CA.
Digital mix at Dave Wellhausen Studios, San Francisco, CA.
Digital mastering & sequencing at Sonic Solutions, San Francisco, CA.
Guitar made by Stefan Sobell, Hexham, Northumberland.
Hammered dulcimer made by Russell Cook, Burleson, TX.
Classic Neumann M-49 tube mics courtesy of Leo deGarkulka.
Photography by Seán Duggan.
Special thanks to Sally Lewis, Ann Fuchs & Brian Duggan for production assistance.
Design & graphics by Danny Carnahan.
Copyright © 1989 Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie.
Originally released as DNA Records 70101 (1989).

Awarded an “Indie” Award by NAIRD (National Association of Independent Record Distributors, now know as AFIM).